10 1/2 Street

2014-04-09 08.45.44This is the third in a trio of similar houses built by Latitude 38. Think Little contributed building envelope specs, energy modeling, HVAC design and building commissioning. For this house, we switched to a newly available ducted heat pump from Fujitsu with a SEER rating of over 21.


Year built: 2014
Floor area: 2,081
HERS Index: 40
Certifications: EarthCraft Virginia

Air-tightness: 0.08 envelope leakage ratio (0.8 ACH50)
Walls: R-25, cellulose + 1″ EPS foam board
Ceiling: R-60, blown-in cellulose
Slab: R-8, 2″ EPS foam board
Foundation walls: R-21 ICF foundation
Windows: Pella 350 (U = 0.15-0.17, SHGC = 0.20-0.27)
Heating/cooling: 2x 9kBtu/hr Fujitsu ducted heat pumps (12.2 HSPF, 21.5 SEER)
Ventilation: Panasonic Whisper Green exhaust fan with passive air inlets
Water heating: AirTap heat pump water heater

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