Lankford Passive House

Lankford-2A 2008 presentation by John Semmelhack on Passive House resulted in one of Think Little’s best ongoing relationships – with Bill Jobes of Jobes Builders. This was our first project together – and we jumped in deep with the first certified Passive House residence in Virginia. And that’s not all – it had to look GOOD…and it did, thanks to the vision of Bill, along with architect Giovanna Galfione and owner Fred Greenewalt… dispelling the notion that extreme energy efficiency and beauty go together like oil and water. Check out all the glamour shots on the Jobes Builders website.

Year built: 2011
Floor area: 2,248
Bedrooms: 3
HERS Index: 40
Certifications: PHIUS+, Energy Star

Predicted annual energy use (HERS model): 10,287 kWh
Predicted annual energy use (PHPP): 5,772 kWh
Actual annual energy use: TBD…

Blower door test result: 0.42 ACH50
Walls: R-40 double-stud wall, open cell spray foam
Roof: R-65, open cell spray foam
Floor: R-46, dense-pack cellulose
Windows: Serious 725 (U = 0.21, SHGC = varies)
Ventilation: Ultimate Air 200DX Energy Recovery Ventilator
Heating/cooling: Mitsubishi “multi-split” heat pump – 2 zones  – 10.5 HSPF, 17.5SEER
Water heating: GE heat pump water heater